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Shimon mimoun

Born in 1991, is the perfect embodiment of the concept of self made man. He grew up in a small Israeli home next to his sister Oranit, who has special needs. The connection with his sister led to the development of Shimon’s all-encompassing and optimistic personality which finds expression in his works. According to him, the amazing people with special needs have a wonderful ability not to live by the rules of the game we all live by, to live in another dimension, a dimension of happiness, acceptance of difference, a dimension of love and pure joy. For him – if you looked at his work and a small smile appeared on your face – the work fulfilled its purpose. His training as a creative artist went through a personal trajectory that included specialization in carpentry, locksmithing, foundry, goldsmith, dyeing, silk screen printing and as an apprentice to other artists – when in all these years he trained himself in artistic creation he also created works of his own.